6 months until real life…

20 11 2011

Exactly six months from today I will be at my college graduation..

Seriously, how the hell did that happen?! Aren’t I still a little first year wandering around campus looking for my classes? I somehow went from that to the old seniors that seemingly have everything together. It’s weird to think that I’m that person now, even though I don’t think of myself in that way.

I know everyone says it and it’s cliched, but I truly cannot believe that in six months I’ll be graduating and out in the “real world.” I had to register for classes this past week, and it hit me that it was the last time I’d have to do that, which was a really cool but really weird feeling at the same time. It might sound like I’m having a minor freak out, but I’m actually very excited to be done with school and move onto something new and different. There are so many things that I’m looking forward to, like moving out, getting an apartment (again), finding a job, and starting the rest of my life. But I’m sure I’ll get all sentimental and not want to leave school the closer it gets to graduation.

Anywho, onto slightly more happy topics! This past weekend I met my mom in Dublin for a mini-vacation, and to surprise me, my sister came with her! It was absolutely wonderful. I was starting to get really antsy and homesick and ready to come home from London, but seeing my family and spending time with them really helped to “re-charge” me, so to speak, and now I feel like I’ll get through the next month here.

We managed to cram a lot into 4 days – we walked all around Dublin, went to the National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Trinity College, pubs (with fantastic food and Guinness – seriously, you have to have Guinness when you’re in Ireland…it’s like fireworks on the 4th of July in the U.S…just has to be done), lots of shopping, and laughing with my mom and sister.

Tiger at Dublin Zoo

gawwwww 🙂

Me, mom, and my sister at Dublin Castle

Christ Church Cathedral

funny sign

I've seen the best signs while I've been abroad...very amusing

A “wee” post (not really, but I’ll try)

31 10 2011

So this is going to be a wee post in honor of my most recent trip: Scotland.

I spent this past weekend in Scotland, and I have to say, it was incredible. I really wish that we had had longer to spend there, because I loved the trip so much and loved what we saw. I keep saying that the most recent thing I did is my favorite thing I’ve done in London so far, and this is no exception. We spent Friday in Edinburgh and took a tour around the city with our guide for the weekend, who was great (a few of us ended up having drinks with him later that weekend, but that’s a different part of the story!). He knew so much about Scotland and Scottish history, it was crazy. Also, I learned that almost every Scottish tale ends in one way or another in death and/or dismemberment. Morbid at first, but it got funny after a while. What I loved most about Edinburgh was that it had the feeling of a city, but it didn’t seem to have the same frantic pace that London seems to have 24/7, so that was a really nice change.

Grassmarket in Edinburgh

St. Giles Cathedral

On Saturday and Sunday, we toured around the highlands and stayed in a seacoast town called Oban. The highlands were breathtaking. It was like every image you have ever seen or concocted in your head about the countryside multiplied by 100. The landscape was so dramatic, I couldn’t believe it. It almost felt to me like I was in a completely different world. My pictures don’t truly do it justice, but I had to try!

Looking for Nessie(Looking for the Nessie in Loch Ness!)

Loch Ness(Loch Ness)

Glencoe(This picture in particular doesn’t do the true location justice. It literally took my breath away, mostly because of the beauty, but partially because the wind almost knocked me over!)

Sheep(There were sheep everywhere we went. I’m pretty sure I saw more sheep than I did people this weekend.)

Oban(This is Oban – where we stayed the second night. The picture was taken right across the street from our hostel)

William Wallace memorial(This is the view from the top of the William Wallace memorial. Another story that ends with a fairly gruesome death and dismemberment…pretty place though.)

Like I said, not a very “wee” post. Scotland really was amazing, and I was actually sad that I had to leave Sunday night and come back to London, because I wanted to spend more time there. Now to start planning a return trip…



Adventures in Cambridge

31 10 2011

After about a month and a half, I think I can safely say I’m very well-adjusted to being in London as a student. The last time I posted, I hadn’t even started classes yet, and now here I am in the middle of week 5 of classes!

It’s been really interesting to see the differences in teaching styles and class. In the states, you are given a lot of the material you are expected to know, whether it is through class lectures or assigned reading. Here, basic concepts are presented and talked about, but then if you want to know more, you are expected to go out and find readings that coincide with concepts taught in class. No readings are assigned, just a textbook that is required and a recommended book list which supports the class topics. The other thing that has been different for me is a lot more group work. In 3 out of 4 classes, I have long-term group projects, as well as weekly in-class group projects. I feel like I have done more group work here than I have in any other years in school.

I went to Cambridge about two weeks ago with a group of girls that I’ve been hanging out with the most here in London. Cambridge is a huge college town. Tons of students, markets, coffee shops, cafes and little pubs. Cambridge University, Kings College, Queens College, and Trinity College are the most well known colleges in the area.

Courtyard of Queens CollegeI couldn’t believe how beautiful the campuses for all of these colleges were. It was like something out of Harry Potter. Spires, stained glass windows, beautiful stone work, and big open courtyards. They are completely different from any college or university I’ve seen in the U.S. The picture above is a courtyard at Queens’ College.

Me at Kings CollegeThis is in a courtyard area of Kings College, which I think was the most beautiful of all of the areas we toured in Cambridge. It was absolutely stunning. Again, it looked like something out of Harry Potter. They have their own cathedral on the campus, and when we were there, an orchestra and choir were rehearsing for a concert that was happening that night. The music they were playing (which I unfortunately didn’t get the name of) gave me goosebumps.

Orchestra rehearsal at Kings CollegeWe unfortunately had to leave before the concert, but if we had stayed the night, I would have definitely gone to the concert. The week after Cambridge I went to a London Philharmonic Concert, so that made up for not seeing this smaller concert!

The best part (or at least one of the best parts) about Cambridge was punting. Punting is a recreational activity that is unique to Cambridge. It is basically a long flat-ish boat that holds around 12 people and is pushed along by a punter with a very long metal pole. If you check out the link above, you’ll learn a little more about its history.

Punting in CambridgeThe weather that day was absolutely perfect. There were no clouds in the sky, and it wasn’t too hot or two cold, and it was incredibly relaxing. There were TONS of people out punting. You could either book a time with a punting company and have someone push the boat around (which is what we did) or you could do a self-hire and push the boat along yourselves. It was really amusing to see the difference between the experienced punters, and the people who took the DIY approach — there were a few run-ins and I was convinced someone was going to fall in the water which, according to our guide, happens quite often.

Long story short, it was a really great day and I would highly recommend adding Cambridge to anyone’s England To-Do List!


20 09 2011

Hello UVM! I hope everyone’s semesters are starting out well and you’re all having a good time!

This semester, I’m doing something a little different – I’m studying abroad in London! Woo! I’ve been here for about a week, and so far it is absolutely amazing. I’m studying at the University of Westminster and taking marketing and communications classes. Unofficially, I’m taking Integrated Marketing Communications, Public Relations Campaigns, Magazine Project, and Marketing Communications Theory. I’m really excited to start my classes next week, and see how the academics compare to UVM.

As you can see from the picture, I’ve been doing a little sightseeing. So far, I’ve seen St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and Parliament, and the London Eye, with a huge to-do list of other things to do and see…shows, concerts, ballet, trips, and more. The next ones on the list are the Tower of London tomorrow with a friend and then Wales on Saturday.

Gotta run – more updates on my international adventures to come!




Finally Spring!

25 04 2011

Here are a few springtime pictures on campus!



Two weeks left already?!

25 04 2011

I feel like I write about the same things around this time of year, but it’s that time of year where there are two weeks left in the semester and I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by.

Seriously. It’s the end of my junior year? I remember the end of my senior year of high school, and being completely overwhelmed by everything that was about to happen in my life. Going to college, living away from home, meeting new people, and everything that goes along with it. It feels so far away from where I am now, especially seeing all of the accepted students tours that are going on this month on campus. Now, I’m overwhelmed by a completely different set of things: going to London next semester, looking for a REAL job, figuring out what I want to do and where I want to be.

All things considered though, I’m definitely looking forward to this next set of concerns. Maybe concerns isn’t the right word – challenges is better. I like the idea of doing something real and starting to move into a new part of my life. Granted, I still have a year left of school but because I have friends that are graduating this year, the thought of what comes after school is looming over my thoughts.

But back to what is currently going on – with two weeks left, classes are winding down and final projects and exams are creeping up. I have a fairly easy end of the semester workload, so the next two weeks shouldn’t be horribly stressful. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester and taking a break from everything for a little while. I’ll be home for the summer, waitressing at a local restaurant  – Newick’s Lobster House –  and continuing to work for Health Promotions and beefing up my online portfolio/resume. Nice relaxing summer 🙂

London 2011

21 03 2011

I’ve officially been accepted to study abroad in London for Fall 2011!!!!

I applied through Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies, and I’m going to be at the University of Westminster, which is right in London. The easy part (all the application stuff) is done – now comes all the paperwork: picking classes, making deposits, filling out more forms, getting classes approved, and so on. Now that it’s official, it feels so much more real. I’ve been talking about applying and going for a few months now, but after getting the official acceptance, it’s kind of like “wow this is actually going to happen.” It’s definitely a good feeling though 🙂

It’s funny because I never really planned on studying abroad until this year when it just kind of hit me that it was something I really wanted to do. I chose London because I am interested in marketing/advertising, and what better place to study that than London? Plus, I’ve wanted to go to London for a really long time. It worked out perfectly with my schedule with all the classes I have to take to graduate as well, which is great. More updates to come as I get more exciting information about London!

Other than that, life at UVM is pretty great. I can honestly say I have no complaints, which is an awesome feeling. All of my classes are going really well, and everything else is my life is pretty awesome too.  This is the second week back after spring break. I didn’t do anything super exciting, unlike a few of my friends who went to Miami. I split my time between being home with my family and in New York with my boyfriend.  It was nice to just relax and be with my favorite people, and not have to worry about anything.

Happy Spring! (except it is snowing as I write this…gotta love Vermont)

Is more snow really necessary?

9 02 2011

Ok, I know that since I go to school in Vermont, I should be used to the snow and potentially like the snow. Only one of those is true. Yes, I am used to the snow – I’m originally from NH, so winter isn’t really a new concept for me. However, I only like the snow for about 2-3 weeks around Christmas. After that, I think it should just go away and just be cold until like March/April. If I could, I’d take a huge industrial hair dryer and just go to town melting all of the snow. Funny image right?

We recently got hit with two major snow storms – one last Wednesday and one this past weekend. During the Wednesday storm, we got around 2 1/2 feet of snow – my tires were completely covered. It took my roommate and I a half hour just to clear it all out. The fun part of that (as if shoveling 2 1/2 feet of snow isn’t fun enough) was after we were down shoveling, we jumped off our small fence into snow banks, which was actually really fun.

Even though there is a disgusting amount of snow everywhere, I have to admit it is kind of pretty. I wish I had a picture to post! When it is sunny out, all the snow sparkles and glitters. But even though it’s pretty, I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to go outside wearing more than 2 layers and can wear sandals instead of big clunky winter boots 🙂

Less work, but more work?

25 01 2011

Somehow, through all of my goals and conscious decisions to do less work this semester and not spread myself too thin, I’ve still managed to get myself right back involved with lots of work. I’m feeling at this point me doing slightly too much work is inevitable, and that’s just who I am.

Mind you, this is not a bad thing. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I had more free time to sit around and do nothing. I’d be very boring and not have exciting things to talk about, or have super strong feelings about what I’m doing. I feel that by being so involved in my work and what I do helps makes me who I am. Being super involved and working really hard has really helped me to get to where I am today, and as much as I sometimes complain about it, I wouldn’t change it and have no regrets.

So quick bit of advice: don’t be afraid to get super involved in an activity. Doesn’t even matter what activity it is. If you feel strongly about something or really enjoy something, go for it :]

Anywho, a week into the semester and classes are going great (Yes. If you are keeping track, I’m already doing a lot of work and it’s only the first week of classes). I’m taking two design classes that I absolutely love, and a public policy class that is really interesting. I love the professor – she taught my marketing class last semester and I really enjoy the way she teaches. She takes a potentially boring subject and makes it interesting, which I feel is a really strong measure of a teacher.

On a completely opposite subject, here is a picture of a culinary mishap I had last week. Came home late from a meeting, REALLY wanted pasta. Made my pasta and sauce, and then proceeded to drop it all over the kitchen floor, the wall in the kitchen, and the wall/ceiling the the living room. Not exactly sure how that happened, but the bowl didn’t break. And for the record, spaghetti and sauce feels gross between the toes!

Really really really cold….

28 12 2010

Hi all,

I am well into my Christmas break, and loving it. This break was much needed after the end of this semester. I had sooo much to do…

I had one really big project for the end of the semester for my College Media Practicum (the class that I get credit for working at the Cynic). I had to put together a layout training manual/style guide that ended up being somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 pages. I had this great plan for getting the majority of it done over Thanksgiving break, but lots of good food and seeing friends got in the way of that plan, so I ended up doing most of it the week that it was due. I wouldn’t recommend that way of doing things.

All of my other classes weren’t too bad. I had two other projects and three exams and they all went pretty well. The only way I stayed relatively sane was refusing to do any work after 1pm because I needed to sleep, and took time to eat. It sounds really simple and you hear that all the time, but it really did help I think.

Now I’m at home and enjoying the free time. I am working on some design projects, but it isn’t overly stressful. We got hit with a big snowstorm on Sunday/Monday and it has been incredibly cold and windy ever since. I’m all bundled up inside and I’m STILL shivering. I suppose that comes with living in New England.

Super excited to get back to VT – I’ll have an update once I get back :]

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