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Since most of us love lists — or at least love and hate them simultaneously — here is the updated version of the “Top humanities theorists of the last century” list. See the previous version for the full criteria and the caveats. Briefly: it’s a list of the most cited humanities theorists of the last 100 years (roughly) according to their […]

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Prize announcement

Announcing a competition: Which scholars should be on the list of “Top humanists of the last century” but are not? The person who names the greatest number of such names by the end of the day (12 midnight) EST next Sunday — using the methodology specified there (a simple Google Scholar search) — will win a copy […]

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A theme that’s been coming up in my conversations recently (including when visiting UC Davis) is the question of the “humanities canon”: i.e., who are the theorists whose views have been most influential in shaping the humanities disciplines, especially over the last century or so? And more specifically, is there anything approximating an “environmental humanities canon,” and who are […]

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