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Foucault quote quiz

Quick quiz: What U.S. city did Michel Foucault pen these words about?

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Top humanists: final results

Since most of us love lists — or at least love and hate them simultaneously — here is the updated version of the “Top humanities theorists of the last century” list. See the previous version for the full criteria and the caveats. Briefly: it’s a list of the most cited humanities theorists of the last 100 years (roughly) according to their […]

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The Bill Cronon-Wisconsin Republican party tangle is making me — and many others, judging by the responses I’ve seen on academic listservs — think a little more deeply about how we use our e-mail addresses. Like many, I’m troubled by the possibility that someone could ask to see my e-mail correspondence on any old topic. […]

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Will the 21st century be Foucauldian-Pollanian?

Shaka Freeman’s photo posts asking the question “Michael Pollan or Michel Foucault?” are hilarious, because the two Mickeys really do look alike and are sometimes difficult to tell apart. For the sake of a bit of entertaining triangulation, I’ve added Foucauldian ecologist and Greenpeace Canada activist Eric Darier to the mix. But the site also […]

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