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Drip-drip or occasional release?

The last few posts raise the question of whether it’s better for me to post newsy snippets like these as separate blog posts, or if I should keep them in the Immanence Shadow Blog (Google shared items feed). I’ve generally confined them to the latter, except when there’s something particularly important or worthy of comment. […]

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Hold your fire…

One of my favorite object-oriented bloggers (who we’ll call A) writes that “It’s not surprising that there’s a wave of attacks on scholarly blogging” (emphasis added), pointing to another’s (B’s) post about “blowback from academics regarding blogging.” B’s post cites only two examples, “here on (A’s) blog (circularity #1) and here on (C’s).” The one […]

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The flight of the bumbleblog

By Jon Cloke Loughborough University geographer Jon Cloke shared this piece with the Crit-Geog-Forum in response to the recent discussion about blogs and social media (see here for more on that). Jon’s been kind enough to allow me to share it on Immanence. I think it provocatively gets at the larger picture in which blogs […]

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Why blog (reprise)

Stu Elden has been posting about a debate debate on the Critical Geography listserv over the virtues and pitfalls of blogging, and of using blogs, Twitter, and other social media as research tools and data. I’ve been trying to follow that debate, at least to the extent that I’ve been able to follow anything on […]

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Paradigms, productivity, perspective

Levi Bryant responds to my last post (and by extension to Chris Vitale’s) here. I agree with him that he and Graham Harman have made worthy efforts at addressing concerns that are central to process-relational philosophical communities (e.g., in Bryant’s Difference and Givenness and in the books of Harman’s that I’ve lauded on this blog); […]

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Why the wild things?

For some inexplicable reason, my post on Spike Jonze’s movie Where the Wild Things Are keeps getting an inordinate number of hits, seemingly from casual passersby. These are people from all over the world, coming (sometimes) in droves to that one blog post, generally dropping into this blog directly from Google, and I can’t find […]

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2nd annual report

Compared to last year’s report, this one will be brief. The blog has been a little more active this past year than in its first year, featuring some 200 posts (compared to 140), many of them short but some quite substantial. Highlights included the cross-blog Vibrant Matter reading group (in May and June), the recurring […]

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A book per visitor…

Fifty visitors at once on this blog (according to Sitemeter). That may well be a record… If the pages load slowly, that’s probably the reason… Must be the books.

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Migration glitches, etc.

Some of the videos on this blog seem to have not made it through the migration from MovableType to WordPress. That’s because this blog is on the University of Vermont server, which has fewer options for embedding videos than do stand-alone WordPress blogs. You can still find those videos from the Search bar of the […]

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The seven boxes above this post (below the “immanence” header at the top of the page) — plus three others that open up when you scroll over them — organize blog entries into topical “Categories.” (There are eleven, but “Other” doesn’t contain any posts; it’s just a place-holder.) Recent entries on this blog have been […]

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immanence seeks poetry editor

With its migration and re-emergence on a new (and improved) server, it’s a good time for this blog to diversify and transubstantiate, like water into a good Mediterranean wine. To that end, Immanence seeks a poetry editor, someone to collect and/or produce textual and visual poetry as an accompaniment and countercurrent to what appears on […]

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welcome to immanence 2.0

This is the new, improved version of Immanence. If you came here from the old one and had been a feed subscriber, blogroll linker, or just a regular reader of that one, I would love it if you’d do the same here. I’ll still be tweaking things here and there for a while as I […]

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