Get ready for the lively parliament of immanent Gaianly agents…

Querying Natural Religion: Immanence, Gaia, and the Parliament of Lively Things” will take place this Saturday afternoon in the Baltimore Convention Center (right after Karen Armstrong’s plenary in the same room, on “The Science of Compassion”).

The revised speaker line-up is below. Unfortunately, Jane Bennett will not be able to present. And Bruno Latour cannot make it as respondent, but we hope to get a response from him in the special issue of the JSRNC (and/or book) that will be developed from the talks.

I plan to live-blog the proceedings as best as I can.

AAR, Session A23-203
Saturday November 23 – 1:00 PM-3:30 PM
Baltimore Convention Center (Rooms 307 & 308)

Presider: Sarah M. Pike, California State University, Chico

Adrian Ivakhiv, University of Vermont (organizer)
Bron Taylor, University of Florida
William Connolly, Johns Hopkins University
Daniel Deudney, Johns Hopkins University
Timothy Morton, Rice University

Further information on some of the above can be found at the AAR’s Special Invited Guests page.

Since the roundtable will be exploring and responding to the themes of Bruno Latour’s 2013 Gifford Lectures, I recommend viewing those lectures in advance. The first one is below.



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