Society & Space has an interview with the authors of Take Back the Economy, the final book co-written by the geographical-political theory duo J. K. Gibson-Graham, this time with co-authors and Community Economies collaborators Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy.

Gibson-Graham were Katherine Gibson and Julie Graham, authors of The End of Capitalism (As We Know It) and A Postcapitalist Politics. Graham passed away in 2010.

Gibson: In A Postcapitalist Politics we talked about a language politics, where the idea of a community economy could be a new kind of node, a mobilizing node, for people to reorganize our economy. But how to actually do that? We experimented with action research projects that were all very place based and relatively constrained and I guess our feeling was; how do we broaden this out? And if we want to do that we have to write something that is going to speak to a much wider audience.

[. . .]

Healy: All four of us have become increasingly concerned with the anthropocene as well over the past few years. So, to combine a taking back the economy with respect to sociality and the meaning, purpose and dignity of work, with also thinking about ecological issues, that was a set of connections that we developed in relation to each one of the chapters: How we work, how we exchange things; how we organize production; what we do with surplus and how we invest for the future.

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