And while we’re on a grassy, shooty, growthy theme (and in the midst of a rare spurt of blog activity)… I’ve been wanting for years to write a book about “Laughing Stock,” the stunningly beautiful final album from Talk Talk, so many worlds beyond where they started, and the epitome of a process-relational musical ethic. Perhaps for the 33-1/3 series. (I’ve suggested as much to a couple of collaborators, including a Ukrainian friend who’s written a long piece on the album already. Now it’s just a matter of finding the time to do it.)

Since my take on the album is all about thirdness — the generative emergence of beauty from beauty, insight from insight, meaning from the shimmering percolation of lively interactivity — feel free to email me your own experiences of the album. Some of the comments here are a nice window onto this flowering world: for instance, the guy who “cr[ies] like a baby everytime i hear this song.” Or the one who finds it “very hard to keep myself together when new grass comes on.” Superlatives upon superlatives, and yet no 33-1/3 book on the album yet. Must rectify.

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