I’ll be in New York City this weekend to participate in the iLAND Symposium at the New School, at the invitation of iLAND founder and Artistic Director Jennifer Monson.  iLAND is the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance, and this year’s symposium, which runs through Friday evening and all day Saturday, is entitled Slow Networks: Discovering the Urban Environment Through Collaborations in Dance And Ecology.

Among the projects highlighted this year will be:

Stewardance, a collaborative exploration of the relationship between street tree stewardship and mindful movement through the urban environment.

River to Creek, a participatory research project drawing attention to the geographic and ecological connections across the industrial landscape of North Brooklyn.

SIP (Sustained Immersive Process)/Watershed an investigation into the NYC Regional watershed viewed as a meta-choreography of the historical, geological, and cultural layers of the interaction of built and natural phenomena of water in the region.

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