From “Naming Your Child: Guidance for Vermont Birth Certificates”, published by the Vermont Department of Health, 2009:

2) The name should use only letters, and should not include numbers (numeric characters) in it. As with other alphabets, if you want to include a number in your child’s name, you should spell it out in letters. For example, use Numerouno or Childnumbereight, but not Roger47 or 101110.

5) The name should not contain any handwritten notes, comments, or drawings. Federal and states agencies are not able to accommodate unique drawings or other symbols or pictures [....].

6) The name does not include titles. By definition, a title is not a name. You may use a word that is used as a title (e.g., King, Queen, Count, Duke) as one of you child’s names. For example, Duke (first name) Jones (last name). Similarly, an academic honorific title (e.g. PhD, MA) after the last Name is not a part of the name. However, you may name your child Thomas Jonesphd.

7) The name may use any English word. [...] You may use trademarked names (e.g., IBM), diseases (e.g., Anthrax), obscenities, etc., but we highly recommend against it.”

So, “Count Anthrax Raskolnikof-PhD” is okay (hyphens are allowed), though the Dept. of Health recommends against it.

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