Some of the videos on this blog seem to have not made it through the migration from MovableType to WordPress. That’s because this blog is on the University of Vermont server, which has fewer options for embedding videos than do stand-alone WordPress blogs. You can still find those videos from the Search bar of the old blog, but I will gradually work through them to make sure they’re here if they deserve to be.

The old blog will remain in place until it’s taken down (which I’m told will be sometime soon, but earlier predictions about such things have not been reliable). Until then it remains a useful record of this blog’s first two years. The category pages now give you a complete chronological file of all the posts in each category — which is a much quicker way of scanning through what’s been on immanence over that time than working your way through the posts here. The old blog also has a much more complete tag cloud.

The old blog is no longer accepting comments, nor will I be adding anything to it, except for the occasional reminder to the remaining subscribers (166 and dwindling) to come join us over here. It is at this point a sarcophagus, a dead record of the first two years of immanence. (A brief annual report will be coming soon. And expect a few changes in the new year.)

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