For anyone interested in the growing dialogue between Whiteheadian process philosophy and post-Continental metaphysical realism — a dialogue that, in my view, is at the philosophical cutting edge for ecological thinking — the Claremont conference seems as good as it gets, perhaps even a turning point. The dialogue between hard-core Whiteheadians like Roland Faber and Judith Jones (whose Intensity: An Essay in Whiteheadian Ontology I highly recommend) with Whitehead-inspired cultural/science theorists (Donna Haraway, Isabelle Stengers, Steven Shaviro) and Speculative Realists (Harman, Bryant, Bogost, et al.) is the philosophical equivalent of a rare planetary configuration.

Unfortunately, with a partner going into labor in a matter of weeks, I couldn’t travel this month, so I’m very grateful to Graham Harman for sharing such detailed notes on it: they are all collected on his live-blog from Claremont. A few of these Whitehead conferences have resulted in books, and I hope this one produces something as well. But with all the blogging going on in and around it — thanks largely to the Speculative Realists — books may even to too old-school… too slow a format. We’ll see what happens.

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