This is the new, improved version of Immanence. If you came here from the old one and had been a feed subscriber, blogroll linker, or just a regular reader of that one, I would love it if you’d do the same here. I’ll still be tweaking things here and there for a while as I get accustomed to the possibilities of WordPress. Let me know your thoughts about the new design and format.

The design, by the way, combines 85ideas’s Motion theme (see bottom of this page) with an image worked over by the magicianly hands of Ines Berrizbeitia, from a photo I took many years ago on Graham Island, Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands, off the northwest coast of British Columbia). Ines’s creativity and craft, along with her patience (working with a finicky art director looking over her shoulder), are immensely appreciated. You can visit her web design page here.

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