<a href="Level Ground has an excellent review by Another Green World‘s Derek Wall of the eco-doc No Impact Man (you can click the title to watch the whole thing, apparently).

We can’t collect bottles and line them up until we get to a sustainable world. Structural change rather than individual action is essential. Take transport, I think the first battle is to get people out of their cars and into the subway. However without real investment in public transport this isn’t going to work. [...]

The film is a slow burn joy; the most important points come out of the cracks and between the lines. [...] Colin, by subverting the reality genre, provides environmental education in spades.

[...] the real No Impact Man (and women and children) lives in Colombia, Latin America and is absent from Beavan’s film. In Colombia, Afro-Colombian communities live green lives, growing their food organically and gently prospering on very little. Ironically they are under attack from the paramilitary death squads, as powerful figures make a grab for their land, so that palm oil plantations can be used to make quick profits for bio-fuels to run cars in the USA driven by greens.

Read the whole thing here. (I haven’t seen the film yet, so can’t comment on it.)

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