Not having followed the Derrida debates too closely (and doing it mostly from the comfort of my Google blog reader when I have), I’ve been missing the fascinating debates going on in the comments sections of Levi’s posts. Like this one on realism (72 comments) or this one on dialogue (93 comments). Larval Subjects deserves some kind of award for generating such prolific and thoughtful discussion (not just heat, as they say, but light, too).

I’ve also been thinking that I should divide this blog into separate Philosophy and Eco/Media/Culture sections, if only because the GeoPhilosophy subheading has gotten so much more usage recently than most of the others. I’ve been toying with a new format (as Kvond prematurely announced a little while ago – I appreciated the mention, but wasn’t quite ready to go public yet), and I may reorganize it along those lines if and when I make the jump to WordPress. Here’s a working version of the new format from a little while ago. I haven’t touched it since then, and that version requires some fairly obvious tweaking (to say the least). If anyone has thoughts about it, i.e., whether it’s better or worse than the current Immanence, let me know.

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