… but only momentarily, from my writing (mainly Ecologies of the Moving Image, which continues to proceed apace, but also the Praxis Forum I’m editing on the Ken Burns National Parks series for Environmental Communication, the paper I’ve been invited to give on green pilgrimage at the Fourth Compostela Colloquium, and the piece I’m writing for Bryant’s and Bogost’s collection, which is shaping up to be quite the anthology, now featuring Jane Bennett, Karen Barad, Katherine Hayles, and Tim Morton alongside the previously announced names — OOO continues to widen its sphere of influence, now moving into science studies and feminist theory).

I’ve recently transitioned from a PC (a Dell Latitude that I had really come to like, despite its PC-ish flaws) to a new MacBook Pro, which initially threw me for some loops — the display, for one thing, was so much smaller and less detailed. (It’s a smaller machine.) But I’ve come to like it a lot over the last two weeks.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere: There’ve been some very interesting discussions over at Larval Subjects, Aberrant Monism, Speculum Criticum Traditionis, and elsewhere (about Isabelle Stengers, Latour, and Owen Barfield, among others), which you can catch in the Shared Items on my Shadow Blog (scroll down on the right; and note that they aren’t in chronological order, because my following of them has not been very systematic recently). And Grist has continued being the best go-to place for environmental news; see, for instance, Joe Romm’s lament about the Obama admin’s increasingly disappointing record. And see Cog Pol Works on right-wing conspiracy theories around the BP disaster, and Mediaology and Wired on the (hilarious!) dangers of ambient music.

A couple of important conference announcements: Staging Sustainability and the Fourth Whitehead Research Project conference, which features an all-star lineup (and which I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend).

Heading back down (like the loons on the lake here, suddenly disappearing to look for some fish, and reappearing a while later somewhere else)…


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