(Note: This post was originally called “Gibson-Graham live on.”)

The latest issue of art & theory journal e-flux is on the “postcapitalist self”, a term taken from J. K. Gibson-Graham’s brilliant work on postcapitalist politics. It features an insightful interview with commons theorists Massimo De Angelis and Stavros Stavrides.

The issue is dedicated to Julie Graham, one half of the Gibson-Graham writing duo, who, sadly, died of cancer back in April of this year. See here and here for tributes. Gibson-Graham are best known for The End of Capitalism (as We Knew It): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy and its follow-up, A Postcapitalist Politics. I’ve always thought of them as a kind of female/feminist analogue to Deleuze & Guattari: their work captures the antiessentialism of D & G, but is more grounded in the real-life struggles of women and communities around the world.

Katherine Gibson continues to work and write. But Graham’s death was a bit of a shock to those who thought they were developing one of the most promising political theories around.

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