The Associated Press is reporting that the “oil spill cam” has become an Internet sensation. On Thursday, apparently, “more than a million people watched it. Many found it hypnotic.”

Also, apparently, watching the video can “offer clues to who is winning in the battle — BP or the oil,” according to the director of the National Spill Control School (?) at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.

“If the stuff coming out of the pipe is jet black, it is mostly oil and BP is losing. If it is whitish, it is mostly gas and BP is also losing.

“If it is muddy brown, as it was Friday, that may be a sign that BP is starting to achieve success, [National Spill Control School director Tony Wood] said. That ‘may in fact mean that there’s mud coming up and mud coming down as well,’ which is better than oil coming out, Wood said.”

Or, as a developer whose “gated fishing community” is “now on hold because of the spill” put it: “It’s the unknown that’s killing us.” Indeed. What else besides “the unknown” lurks beyond the the Deepwater Horizon?

Compared to the other videos I posted, silence may speak loudest. Here, it seems to be accompanied by a mechanical alien probing around on another planet, out of a film by Werner Herzog:

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