I’ll be laying a little low as I travel over the next few weeks. Expect intermittent blogging over the summer as well, though it will undoubtedly get more active during the proposed Vibrant Matter reading group, assuming that happens (it’s elicited interest so far from Peter Gratton at Philosophy in a Time of Error and Scu at Critical Animal). Antonio Lopez (Mediacology) and I have also talked about an inter-blog reading group/discussion of Integral Ecology, the massive tome by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens and Michael Zimmerman.

Other things on my reading list in the coming months include a lot of Peircian, Whiteheadian, and Deleuzian material, Tim Ingold’s Being Alive once that comes out (which someone at Routledge suggested may be sooner than the listed publication date), and a fair bit of cinema/media theory (such as Casetti’s Eye of the Century, Rodowick’s Virtual Life of Film, Ehrat’s Peircian Cinema and Semiotic, and others), partly in preparation for my fall film course and partly related to the project we won’t mention. Add to that the Ranciere (Dissensus) reading group that’s starting up here at UVM, and there’ll barely be any time left over for writing, or for enjoying the summer — neither of which should be even negotiable. That said, I would welcome discussions about anything along the above lines…

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