Michael Bérubé’s In praise of humility is so good I can’t resist posting a link to it. Why, indeed, has the Obama revolution lost its steam? I think Bérubé must be aiming for Andrei Codrescu‘s job as NPR’s occasional commentator extraordinaire. Read it and weep (at least until you realize what’s going on).

Incidentally, Bérubé’s latest book The Left at War is well worth reading and discussing, even if one doesn’t agree with all of it. And, incidentally, the title of this post, which refers to a Surrealist method of collective anti-authorship, isn’t intended as a comment on Bérubé’s piece but rather about what he is describing. Politics as a stumbling around in the dark, a piecing-together from the bits left by the last guy, with no idea what will come of it. At least Codrescu has the good sense to smell it and marvel at its texture.

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