Warwick philosophy journal Pli has made some back issues available on-line, including issues on Romanticism, Science, Nature, and Nietzsche. A few particularly recommended articles:

Isabelle Stengers, “God’s Heart and the Stuff of Life“,

John Sellars, “The point of view of the cosmos: Deleuze, Romanticism, Stoicism,”

Alain Badiou, “Who is Nietzsche?,”

and the Nomadic Trajectories issue, which features Deleuze, DeLanda, Stivale, Debord, and others (and which has to be downloaded as a single file).

On a different (but in some ways perhaps converging) trajectory: Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s (Geoffrey DeGraff’s) The Shape of Suffering: A Study of Dependent Co-Arising brings nonlinear dynamic systems theory to an exploration of the Buddhist doctrine of ‘dependent origination’ or ‘conditioned arising’ (pratītya-samutpāda in Sanskrit, paticca samuppāda in Pali), which I’ve mentioned here before. It’s one of the many books and documents available at the on-line Theravada Buddhist library Access to Insight.

And finally, writer and art curator Joel Weishaus, who previously authored the year-long “digital literary art” blog Reality Too, has been uploading sections of his new project, a work-in-progress called The Gateless Gate. It starts here, though it seems one could start reading at any point.

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