Event Map of Oakledge Park

This week’s trip to Oakledge Park was significantly cooler, and the 4 mile bike ride definitely required some layers. The bike path was covered in bright yellow leaves, making it difficult to stay on the trail in some places. There were a ton of people enjoying the waterfront, and families were enjoying the playgrounds along the way. Once I made it to Oakledge park, it was hard not to notice that all the trees now have beautifully colored leaves. Most trees in the area are white or red oaks, and their leaves were all extremely bright oranges and yellows. The ground was covered in dried white oak leaves, and they rustled with each gust of wind. The birch trees had the brightest color leaves, but they were falling off at the fastest rate, making it easy to see the sun setting over the other side of the lake. Burlington was easily visible across the bay, a conspicuously developed area on a shore otherwise filled with natural life. An enormous shagbark hickory was almost completely empty of leaves. On the bike ride back, I observed that there was a train outfitted with a snowplow resting on the tracks, ready for winter weather. As I struggled up College Street, I found that I had to avoid a fairly significant stream of water running alongside the curb. The flow only became stronger as I neared the top of the hill, and as I rounded the corner, I found a leaky manhole to be the culprit, perfectly illustrating the problems that impervious surfaces can create.

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