Derrick and Ryan Do Free Cone Day


Free Cone Day needs no introduction.  It’s #26 on the list of 101 Things To Do list and we took advantage of the Ben & Jerry’s shop on campus.

True to our personalities, Ryan had the non-dairy and non-conformist flavor, Peanut Butter & Cookies, and Derrick had the classic childhood flavor, Cookie Dough.

Oh, and took this picture — just because: DSC_0406

101 Things: 10 things in under a minute

We’re back with another edition of 101 Things. So far we’ve crossed 9 things off the list this year. Instead of crossing off one more to make 10, we decided to speed things up and cross off 10 things in one sitting.
101poster with crossoffs

Check out the video below to see us tackle the following:
6. Tie-dye
28. Drink out of mason jar
38. Try sugar on snow
50. Learn a foreign language
69. Use a spork
73. Have a cider donut
76. Eat real maple syrup
79. Learn the UVM fight song
81. Compost
100. Own at least one piece of UVM apparel

Like any good movie, the behind the scenes are the best part.

Here’s Derrick showing off his extensive collection of UVM paraphernalia:

And here we are learning the fight song:

Now we’re off to take a nap courtesy of the sugar on snow, cider donut and maple syrup combo.

101poster with crossoffs

101 Things: UVM Hockey Game

In last week’s post we invited all of you to help us host a week of happy hours. Just a reminder, if you are interested, don’t forget to sign up.

It’s been a little while since we last attempted any of the 101 things on our list but we are back at it. This one is #73 — go to a hockey game!
101poster with crossoffs

Shout out to Christopher Damiani ’15 and Michelle Goldsmith ’15 who won tickets to the game on Martin St. Louis night last Friday January 8th at Gutterson Field House.

Hockey Game Group Selfie

And shout to me for my awkward selfie face (where’s a selfie stick when you need one?)

Excited fans packed the “Gut” and watched as Martin St. Louis took to the ice to speak about his time at UVM, success in the NHL, and have his number 8 raised to the rafters.

Martin St. Louis Pic

It was a great moment for UVM and our alums everywhere. A great success story. An undrafted player becomes an NHL legend and is the first player to have his number retired by UVM. Very inspirational!

Oh and we won 1-0 over Dartmouth!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our hockey ticket giveaway! Follow Afterword for more events like these and don’t forget to sign up if you are interested in hosting a happy hour in your hometown!

Next time,


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Catch a hockey game with Ryan

Since today’s post is our last of 2015, we thought we’d end the year by giving something back to you.

We are giving away tickets for you and a friend to attend the UVM Hockey game against Dartmouth on Friday, January 8th with Afterword celebrity, Ryan Chartier.

Enter the raffle here and you could win tickets.
As a bonus, the game will feature Martin St. Louis ’97 — probably the most famous UVM hockey player ever — getting his number retired. Oh, and plenty of snacks because Ryan loves snacks.

We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, January 5.

Don’t forget to enter the raffle here.

Good luck and Happy New Year!
Derrick & Ryan

101 Things: Halloween Edition

Derrick and Ryan are still in pursuit of all 101 activities on the infamous list you may or may not have seen floating around campus the last four (or five) years!101poster with crossoffsThis time we are crossing #17 off of the list: Hunt for Ghosts in the Attic of Converse on in our special Halloween edition!
I have never once set foot in Converse Hall on UVM campus. Why? Probably not enough friends in college.

But Derrick, having many friends in his day, spent a lot of time in that scary building and encouraged me to hunt for ghosts in the attic space with him on a casual Thursday afternoon in October.DSC_0268There are many stories about haunted places at UVM and Vermont and you can learn about dozens of them here.

Of course, I was skeptical, but as I approached this strangely Gothic structure, I thought it might be worth a look. I mean, nothing else on campus looks as creepy as this building!

In fact, Converse has it’s very own Ghost named Henry.

Even though it was mid-day, we were a little freaked out the whole time. At the center of the top floor lies a very dated and terrifying mural suspiciously missing Old Mill.

And….*GASP* a television from the late nineties!DSC_0257 The temperature outside was dropping, the leaves falling, and the shadows growing, maybe it was time to go back to work…DSC_0252I thought we needed flashlights but the eerie light from spooky windows like these led us to some suspicious graffiti on an old chimney.DSC_0259Upon closer inspection…we noticed something wasn’t quite right…DSC_0261This was very unsettling because I had just eaten potato salad for lunch. It can’t be true.

After all of the skepticism, I was starting to believe that something was truly haunted up here. At that very moment, I heard a voice tell me to go to the door down the hallway…DSC_0248Scary right? I almost got pulled in by some spirit summoning me, but Derrick quickly ran down the hallway and saved me. I was in some kind of trance, but snapped out of it and we left that attic for good. Definitely haunted.

It was also really weird when Derrick said he didn’t remember going up to Converse Hall when we chatted the next day…very strange indeed.

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

The Devil Is In the Potato Salad

Thanks for joining us! Stay tuned throughout the year for more posts like these. We will attempt to:

  • Make new friends from each campus
  • Climb Camel’s Hump
  • Spend a day barefoot
  • Learn a foreign language
  • And much more!

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