Thank You Class of 2016!

Hey 2016ers, thank you for following along the past 16 months. Yes, it is time for us to say goodbye, but only in the form of weekly posts.

We get how you feel.

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We want you to know that this is the last post we will write specifically for you Class of 2016.

Why? Our job was to help you transition from being a student to a UVM alum and you’ve done that (mostly without our help)! We hope this blog has helped a little bit with that transition and given you some inspiration and a few chuckles along the way.

We hope you’ll stay connected to UVM.

One of the best ways to do that is to make sure your contact information is up to date. That way we know where to send event invitations and other UVM-related items. You can update your contact information here.

Don’t forget about being social!

UVM is on LinkedIn (UVM Alumni Association), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@uvmvermont). So be sure to follow along.

We’ve had a lot of fun writing for and getting to meet some of you and we once again wish you all the best.

If you want to stay in touch, email us at or We’d love for you to share your first year out story with the class of 2017 or ’18 and beyond.

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Before we go, we made a little goodbye video featuring all of the folks we work with here at Alumni House wishing you well. We hope you enjoy, and, stop by anytime!

A Farewell to the Class of 2016 from UVMF on Vimeo.


Ryan ’10 and Kathryn ’15

Making Your First Loan Payment – 2017 Edition

Yep. It’s finally arrived. For many of you, your first loan payment is this month.

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We get it. Even though it has been in the back of your mind for a while now, it still feels like a surprise.

But never fear, if you plan ahead and get organized, you won’t feel like this:

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In fact, as an added bonus we are marking this occasion with a special giveaway: A free UVM Alumni Association bottle opener! You’ve earned it! Read on below for some helpful tips for making your first payment.

(Yes, these are all soft drinks – never doubt the refreshing power of a rhubarb seltzer)

If you are anything like us, when our first loan payment arrived, we went through a lot of emotions…

“No way, this can’t be happening already, I just graduated.”

“It’s a conspiracy I tell you!”

“Just give me a few more months then I’ll be ready to start paying, I promise.”

“It can’t be true…”

“I’m still upset, but I realize this is just one more step in being a real adult.”

With this in mind, here are five essential things you should do before making your first payment – because Afterword has your back.

  1. Read this article to get started understanding your loans.
  2. Get Organized. Figure out if you have federal loans or private loans (or both) and how many. It’s probably easiest to ask your parents, look at old mail, or check your email — you loan provider has almost certainly tried to contact you by now.
  3. Pick a repayment plan. There are several types and many loans have an option for income-based repayment.  Also, if you are in grad school, make sure to defer your loans.
  4. Don’t make your payment late. They are already going to get enough of your money. Don’t give them any extra.
  5. Get Your Free UVM Alumni Association Bottle Opener. Open your favorite Vermont beverage with it, sink into your couch, and start a Netflix binge. You earned it. (We personally chose some favorite maple and rhubarb seltzer).

A Special Video Message for the Class of 2017

Hi all,

Still haven’t registered for your upcoming class party at Alumni House on Friday, October 6th? As we mentioned a few weeks back, it’s gonna be lit, but to maximize the fun we need your help!

Make sure to get in touch with your friends, and bring them along! We want you all to have a great time, and nobody has fun at a party where you don’t know anyone.

Check out our quick video to see what we mean.


A Public Service Announcement from the UVM Alumni Assocation from UVM Foundation on Vimeo.

Register now! We can’t wait to see you (and all your friends) there!


Ryan and Kathryn

You are Invited to a Party at Alumni House!

In July we asked you what kind of events you’d like to attend and the overwhelming majority said: happy hours.

Well, we heard you loud and clear, and we are going a step further and throwing a party for you at Alumni House on Friday, October 6 during Alumni Weekend.

Oh and did we mention it’s free?

That’s right, gather your friends and drop by Alumni House to get your weekend started right.

Date: Friday October 6

Time: 9:00pm (drop by before you head downtown)

Location: UVM Alumni House (61 Summit Street, right near campus)

The fun part: If you register (for free), your first two drinks are on us!

Below are four quick tips for getting you through the registration form in under a minute:

1. Select Alumni Weekend and click “let’s get started” that will take you to this page where you’ll fill out your information.

2. Select the Class of 2017 package.

3. Add any friends you plan to bring with you (just an FYI, if you add someone, there are a few more steps that you will need to complete). And don’t worry, you can still bring a friend even if you don’t fill this section out!

4. Select your Alumni Weekend Package and scroll to the bottom and click next to submit your form.

That’s it!! See you on October 6!

Domino’s, Dining Halls and Dives. Your Favorite Burlington Eats – Part 2

Time for another adventure off campus to explore some classic Burlington eats!

A few weeks ago, we met up with a 2017 grad to grab some lunch at his favorite place:

KKD’s! This hole in the wall has been providing fantastic late night eats to Burlington’s weekend warriors since 1992, located right next to the Flynn Theater.

We met up with Ben Citrin ’17 to catch up and learn a little bit about what he’s been doing since graduation in May.

But first things first, why is Kountry Kart Deli your favorite?

“KKD’s has been one of my long-time favorite restaurants around Burlington.  I actually discovered it during orientation years ago.  Kountry Kart Deli offers a huge menu and is one of the only late night food establishments open that is not strictly fast food (like McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.).  I love supporting local business that provides great food at a reasonable price.”

Lets check out the goods:

Kathryn’s Chicken Tender Sandwich,

Ben’s classic Sausage Shiner, and

Ryan’s Italian wrap.

We hopped across the street and found a spot on the city hall steps to catch up more about Ben’s post grad life.

How has your first year out of UVM been? (So Far)

My first year out of UVM has been very interesting.  Although I have still been living in Burlington, I have been doing a lot of traveling throughout the summer.  I had several grad parties to attend in addition to a wedding.  Aside from traveling, I have been enjoying the summertime amenities Burlington has to offer, such as beaches, cliff jumping, and seasonal restaurants.

What so far feels like your biggest challenge and how are you going to overcome it?

My biggest challenge is figuring out what I am actually going to do next.  I have been interviewing with companies both local and in larger cities, mainly Boston and Philadelphia.  I have been overcoming it by weighing all the pros and cons with moving and ultimately deciding on what feels right.

What are you learning from your post grad experience?

I have learned that it is okay to take some time off to figure out what I actually want to do.  I did not want to rush right into the workforce the day or week after graduation–I am thankful I was able to travel during the summer while holding an internship at the UVM Medical Center doing web development.  I am learning a lot of things that aren’t taught in school, such as how to prepare a 401k plan and save for retirement (all the things I don’t want to think about yet!).

What are you looking to do next?

I have actually just accepted a job as a software developer for an established consulting firm in Colchester called C2 ( and am every excited to start there in a couple weeks.

Congrats on your new job Ben! We love to hear about our alums and their adventures in the real world.


Are you in Burlington? Want to meet up and grab a snack?

Let us take you out! Submit your name and a suggestion of where to eat, and maybe you’ll be the next person we pick from the hat!

Maybe we’ll see YOU on our next trip to Flavortown.