October 9th Visit

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Weather: rain, fog

Temperature: mid 60s

Today I visited Red Rocks just to gain a viewpoint when it wasn’t ideal weather. I took the bus there for the first time(Pine Street #5) to avoid getting absolutely soaked(I still did). What I found was pretty cool. Because of the rain, there was not a soul in sight, which only enhanced the spot I chose. Even though there are is not much vegetation near my spot, I took some photos of trees closest so that you guys could get an idea of the types in the area. There was sightings of Northern Red Oak and Basswood. In addition I took a picture of a nice sailboat for a bonus.

First Visit

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Upon my first visit to Red Rocks, I got lost. But the trip there was worth it. If you go down Main Street and take a left on Pine Street and continue south until Pine Street no longer exists, then you’ll be on your way. Once Pine Street comes to an end, take a right on Queen City Park Road and you’ll get to Red Rock. Here there are many trails that you could walk on. Although a sign states that bikes aren’t allowed on the trails, I think you should be fine. (I was). Make your way to the south end of the park, and there you will find yourself at the beach. There are two main parts to it: sand and rocks. On the eastern part, its mostly sand, while if you go rest, it becomes rather rocky terrain. To your back, there are sheer cliffs, that look pretty darn hard to scale if you ask me. Upon this visit, I took a picture of a spider and a fisherman with his dog. The area of where I was lacked vegetation because the majority was composed of rocks(I have yet identified them), and water.

If you have not been to Red Rocks Point, or at least not to this side, I highly suggest that you go. I had a great evening, even though the bugs were a big pain in the ass. You won’t regret it.


Red Rocks Beach Area

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