Rainy October


The “first” visit to my site was a very stormy and rainy one. The water level was very high and very rapid from the rain so I was not able to observe the stream in its normal state.

Why did I chose the place?


I chose my phenology spot because of two reasons: convenience and curiosity. This cozy stream surrounded by many trees, plants, and wildlife is just a few steps from my back patio. It is really cool because the stream leads directly into Indian Brooke in Essex, VT. which then leads into Lake Champlain. During the summer months I swim at Indian Brooke and go boating on Lake Champlain, so it’s nice to see part of the larger watershed right in my backyard. Second, as a kid I played in the stream but have never directly observed the area. I believe I can use what I have learned in NR 1 to gain a new perspective on a place I have spent my childhood.