Propaganda Techniques

In order to understand how Nazi policies and propaganda affected and manipulated women, it is important to take a step back and look at how they employed these propagandistic techniques in a more general manner. Once these strategies are identified and understood, they can be applied to women and their lives and experiences during the Third Reich. Julius Yourman identifies seven different techniques in his article Propaganda Techniques Within Nazi Germany. In this page you can see how two different types of propaganda, as defined by Julius Yourman, worked on women living in Nazi Germany. “Glittering Generalities” and “Band Wagon” are two different techniques of propaganda that the Nazis used to manipulate women into buying into the idea that they should embrace their “natural roles” as mothers and wives.

Glittering Generalities

A strategy in which the Nazis identify their goal by using words of virtue that praise or benefit the community good, like “volk” or “sacrifice.” By using this technique, the Nazis appeal to the emotions of love, generosity and comradeship (Yourman 150). The Nazis utilized this technique as a way to promote the ideal woman as someone to be celebrated and honored by German citizens. The Nazis appealed to women by praising them and honoring them as mothers and exalting their importance as mothers of the Volk.

Band Wagon

A propagandistic technique that implores people to follow the crowd. The Nazis used this technique to make people accept their policies in large numbers by making the claim that “everyone was doing it.” This was often done by making a spectacle and indoctrinating people through the unifying principle of hatred (Yourman 158). The Nazis used this type of propaganda to encourage women not to shop in Jewish stores. They indoctrinated women in to believing that they should hate Jews and unified them together through this mutual hatred and spectacle of the Jews.

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