On this webpage yhist_women_hitlerou will find a wealth of information about women and propaganda in Nazi Germany.  During the Weimar Republic (1919-1933), the women’s movement gained strength in Germany and women joined in the fight for equal rights.  The example of American women helped influence this movement by producing images of women workers and carefree female flappers.  German women, who lived in cities especially, began to focus on themselves rather than on starting a family.  Although this movement lost its momentum in 1932, the Nazi Party worked very hard to get these women on board with their ideologies after Hitler was elected for Chancellor of Germany. During the Third Reich, the National Socialists maintained an ideology that promoted an extremely patriarchal  view of the “ideal woman.”  There were, however, many different kinds of women in Germany. Not only was there a generation of women who had fought for women’s rights, but also an older generation that had chosen to become housewives, and a younger generation that didn’t connect or necessarily agree with the women’s movement. The Nazi Party had to figure out how to produce propaganda that grabbed the attention of all women, no matter which generation they belonged to.

On this website, we discuss the Nazi’s policies and incentives that encouraged women to become and maintain the Nazi’s ideal woman.





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