Final Phenology Blog

I took the final trip down to my phenology place today, it was a somewhat sad feeling making the walk for the last time. When I arrived I noticed some differences right away. The trees and bushes that only had buds on them in my last visit now had small developing leaves poking out at the […]

Phenology Blog April 15

Today I made a trip down to my phenology place and it was a beautiful pleasant walk, and the first time I have been able to visit it without having to put on my winter jacket. I was not really expecting to see any signs of amphibian life since their aren’t really any vernal pools […]

Spring Break Phenology Place

I visited my my phenology place for spring break on Thursday, March 16 which was two days after the blizzard that hit most of the north east. This site in Connecticut is very different from my one in burlington, for starters the area is in a lower region of my woods almost like a wet land […]

Phenology Place Blog March 10

I would classify the natural community of my phenology place as a lowland White Pine forest. It is much like the lowland spruce fir forest talked about in Wetland, Woodland, Wildland, as in it is adjacent to and grading into a wetland, has well drained soil on the upper parts of the knoll but down […]

Phenology Blog February 6

Today I revisited my phenology place for the first time since my last posting, and it was a world of difference. When I first arrived at phenology place it seemed to be almost dead compared to the spring and fall when their was life all around. The air was still, cold, and unforgiving there were no […]

Final Blog

We are now bringing our phenology place blogs to a close for the year and have been asked not just to observe the landscape of our places in the present day this week, but also to divulge into their history. Now I do not know the history of my exact spot in Centennial Woods, but […]

Thanksgiving phenology place’32.8%22N+73%C2%B003’59.6%22W/@41.9592094,-73.0676302,213m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d41.95912!4d-73.06657   The phenology place that I chose to have over thanksgiving break was in Winsted, CT in my woods. Ecologically and phonologically this place was very similar to my place in Burlington but, there were some slight differences. First lets talk about the similarities, in terms of ecology, my place over break was […]

Phenology Place November 7

There have been a few changes to my phenology place since I have last visited it the foliage has fallen off all the trees except for the buck thorn which had most of its leaves but they had all turned yellow and were starting to fall. There is even more visibility now that the rest […]

October 24 Phenology Place Blog

The vegetation has changed tremendously since the last time I have visited my phenology place. The leaves on the hardwood trees like maples, have changed color completely and lost most of their leaves. In addition it is much easier to see long distance since most of the bushes and saplings that blocked my sight line […]

Phenology Blog October 17

Andrew Christensen My phenology place is on campus in Centennial Woods, it is about 15 minutes away from my dorm, and is relatively easy to get to. You start at the opening of Centennial woods where the sign and the bike rack is, walk down the path until you get to where site two was […]