Phenology Place Blog March 10

I would classify the natural community of my phenology place as a lowland White Pine forest. It is much like the lowland spruce fir forest talked about in Wetland, Woodland, Wildland, as in it is adjacent to and grading into a wetland, has well drained soil on the upper parts of the knoll but down closer to the wetland there is wetter soil, and there are large boulders and what seems to be signs of past floods on the stream bank where there is a lot of erosion. Also the animals present in this community that I have either seen or seen tracks of are squirrels, mice, and various bird species, much like in a lowland spruce fir forest. The only main difference is that there are no spruce or fir trees in my phenology spot, instead their is a majority of White Pines with some hard woods and shrubs mixed in and about.

Since my last visit to my phenology place in February there have been a few noticeable changes. Due to the warm weather of Wednesday and from the other week there were some newly emerging buds on the surrounding shrubbery, and trees. In addition there were signs of life emerging from the ground, including the curls of ferns, and what seemed like a few blades of new grass. Although with todays snow and the cold weather we are suppose to be having I do not think these early emergers will do so well. When I looked closer at the fresh snow layer I could see faint squirrel tracks, it looked like they had been feeding around the base of the pine trees on the seeds of fallen pine cones.  Also with the recent snow melts and rain the stream near my phenology place was flowing quite fast, and had risen about a foot up the bank. The water was carrying a lot of sediment, probably due to it eroding the soft edges of the stream bank as the water levels rose.

After using BioFinder it reveled that my phenology place is bordering a class 2 wetland, and the Highest Priority Surface Water and Riparian Areas. This makes sense because at the base of the hill that my phenology place is on there is a stream flowing into a wetland area. Also I found out that the physical landscape of my phenology place is representative.

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