Thanksgiving phenology place




The phenology place that I chose to have over thanksgiving break was in Winsted, CT in my woods. Ecologically and phonologically this place was very similar to my place in Burlington but, there were some slight differences. First lets talk about the similarities, in terms of ecology, my place over break was backed by woods, it over looked a field, and had a major source of water near by in the form of a pond, much like my phenology place in burlington. The differences were found in the types of species that I saw living in the area, while sitting I saw multiple red squirrels running up tress, and on the ground, where as in burlington I have seen many grey squirrels around my phenology spot but have never scene a red squirrel. Also my spot in CT had lots of different kinds of mushrooms and fungus growing on dead logs and at the edge of the field. Where as, at my phenology spot in burlington I have scene only one kind of fungus that looks kind of like an orange slim. In addition at my place over break the dominant types of trees were eastern hemlock and red maple, this created a much more shadowing over story so there is a lot less undergrowth than my phenology place in Burlington which has a dominant tree specie of White Pines. Phonologically my place over break and the last time I visited my phenology place in burlington were practically the same, the leaves had fallen off all of the trees giving it a fall feeling and all the low ground cover had either died back for the winter or had been cover by falling leaves, just like my spot in burlington. I think this is because Connecticut is south of Vermont so is about two or three weeks behind with that changing of seasons and weather, so what my phenology place in burlington looked like three weeks ago is very similar to what my spot in CT looks like now. I think it is amazing that two places can be separated by hundreds of milesĀ and still be so similar yet different at the same time.

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