February 4, 2018

1:15 pm

30 degrees, windy, light snow

This afternoon as I ventured down the side of the road I risked slipping, not on dead leaves, but ice.  The entire landscape was slick.  On the river bank, large blocks of ice covered the shore, I have never seen anything like that before.  The log where I usually sit had either frozen into a block of ice or washed away.  There was also thick coatings of ice around the base of the tree trunks.

There were lots of prints to look at as the ice provided an excellent base to prevent the prints from sinking into too much snow.  Many of the prints belonged to humans and their dogs.

There was an abundance of Grey Squirrel tracks.  Their bounding galloping pattern, was scattered and sloppy.  One even made a brief appearance before hopping away.

There was also another track I saw a lot of that I had a little more difficulty identifying.  My first thought because of the absence of claws and pretense of leading toe was a common house cat. It could also be a bobcat, but I think there’s a little too much negative space between the toe and the pad.  The stride was about 14″ which could be a bobcat, but coincidentally could also be a house cat.

Young basswood trees and silver maples were popping up everywhere.  The twig I have the best close up picture of is what I believe to be an ash.  It has the same crescent around each bud and the large smooth terminal bud.