End of Semester Observations



35 degrees Fahrenheit

As fall draws to a close and winter begins, salmon hole was devoid of green.  The landscape seemed hollow, empty somehow with its dense underbrush leafless and bare leaving the sandy shore exposed.  A small amount of the mornings snow remained leaving a sprinkling on some services.  The river had swollen considerably since my last visit with places on the bank I had previously walked over underwater.

The beavers working the area had made plenty of progress since my last visit.  Their mark was left on quite a few trees along the bank.

I also heard the hammering of a hairy woodpecker.  He let me get pretty close but I couldn’t get a good picture.  It was funny to see him hopping up and down the branches.

Several young trees bore new frost cracks on their south facing side.  This is due to the fluctuating temperatures of late and the stress that places on the wood of the trees.  The water within rapidly expands and contracts, and exploits impurities in the bark.