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My Place


62 degrees Fahrenheit

Breezy, partly cloudy

Salmon hole was not my first choice.  I stumbled upon it by accident after my original site, which I had chosen from google maps without ever visiting it, turned out to be a graveyard.   I then hoped on the number two bus and rode it to Winnoski, I quickly crossed back over the bridge towards my new location.  When I got to Salmon hole I was at my wits end.  It had been a long stressful week and wandering around Burlington was the last thing I wanted to be doing.  However when I got to the trailhead I was immediately met with a cool breeze carrying the smell of fallen leaves.  It washed over me and took me back to cool September Saturday mornings in Pennsylvania, when it’s just starting to cool off and you wake up in a room where the humid air of summer has been replaced by the cool crisp air of the coming fall.  As I trumped down the hillside the papery leaves crunched under my feet.  I settled on a spot on the shore of the Winnoski, and sat down on a dead tree, most likely washed onto the sandy shore during a summer storm.

My vantage point

The vegetation was not all that dense here,  I had a clear view of the sandy shore.  Behind me Cottonwoods stretched tall and their leaves appeared to make up the majority of the dry brown leaves on the shore.  There were also plenty of smaller silver maples on the shore as well as some green ash.  Buckthorn makes up the majority of the understory here.

The leave of a silver maple. Quite a few were growing along the shore so I took a picture so I could find out what species it was